Shiga Prefecture

Strategically located between Tokyo and Kyoto, and blessed with the prosperous Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture is a paradise for unlimited outdoor fun, ancient festivals, and historical castles. 

Hikone Castle is one of the few original castles still intact in Japan, mostly untouched since the day it was built. Lake Biwa offers plenty of activities to soak in the natural beauty of the surrounding area, such as canoeing and island hopping. Don't forget to try the unique specialty Funazushi, made by fermenting the lake's endemic carp fish with rice!
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  • Lake Biwa
    Sights and activities abound at Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. For a more relaxed trip, hop on a cruise to Okishima, affectionately nicknamed the "Town of Cats" for its many feline inhabitants; or camp at the north end of the lake to bask in the scenic surroundings!

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  • Hikone Castle
    A small but mighty castle built-in 1622, Hikone is one of the only five castles in Japan with its original main keep intact. Combining a mix of architectural styles, the castle was also cleverly designed to ward off attacks such as discreet openings in the walls for archers' arrows! 

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  • Funazushi
    A unique local delicacy consisting of Nigoro-buna fish native to Lake Biwa fermented in steamed rice. A revered traditional method of preservation carefully maintained for hundreds of years, the result is a strongly-flavoured delicacy likened to blue cheese! 

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