Yamaguchi Prefecture

Though quiet and fairly rural, Yamaguchi is a portal to a myriad of cultural sites, breathtaking terrains, and famous local specialties.

Voted top three on CNN's list of "Japan's 34 Most Beautiful Places", Motonosumi-jinja Shrine instantly wows visitors with its remarkable long tunnel lined with vermilion torii gates; while Akiyoshido is Japan's largest limestone cave, stretching 9km in total. 
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  • Motonosumi-jinja Shrine
    The shrine is one of Yamaguchi's most iconic images, with a tunnel of 123 red vermilion torii gates creating a jaw-dropping contrast against the gentle blue skies. Once you reach the largest gate, try getting a coin into the offering box hung from the top of the gate!

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  • Akiyoshidai Plateau
    Step into Japan's largest limestone caverns at Akiyoshidai, where soft lighting illuminates stunning limestone pools and rushing river waters to create a fable-like atmosphere. One of the major highlights of the cavern is the "100 plates," a huge terrace of limestone which resembles a giant stack of plates!

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  • Kawara Soba
    Yamaguchi's local take on the popular dish is unlike any other! Green tea soba is served on a piping hot roof tile topped with beef, omelet strips, and seaweed; accompanied with a special bonito sauce containing grated daikon and chili. A satisfying must-try in the prefecture!

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