Nagasaki Prefecture

As Japan's early gateway to international trade with the West, the diverse melding of Dutch, Chinese, and Korean influences helped form what is now a uniquely Nagasaki culture. Nagasaki's location on the northwestern tip of Kyushu also offers plenty of island getaway opportunities like Tsushima, the flora and fauna-blessed prime destination for eco-tourists. 

While here, pay respects to the victims of the nuclear tragedy at the Nagasaki Peace Park, as well as sample the staple noodle dishes, Champon and Goto Udon.
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  • Nagasaki Peace Park
    Built to honour the memory of those lost in the 1945 atomic tragedy, the park also signifies hope for eternal peace; as represented by the majestic Peace Statue and monuments. On the anniversary of the bombing on August 9, you can take part in a peace memorial ceremony and witness an inspirational declaration of peace made to the world.

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  • Unzen Onsen
    A historical hot springs resort popular for its healing sulphuric waters, believed to help rejuvenate skin and cure ailments such as muscle pain and fatigue. After a day of relaxation, cool down with the famous Unzen lemonade made using the local spring water, and nibble on an onsen-boiled egg! 

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  • Nagasaki Champon
    As Nagasaki's staple dish with strong influences from Japanese and Chinese cuisine, Champon is a delicious noodle soup topped with fresh Nagasaki seafood, meat, and vegetables. The variety of ingredients creates a satisfyingly nutritious meal!

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