Gunma Prefecture

Gunma's best attractions can be "boiled" down to a myriad of world-class hot springs, snow sports, and outdoor adventures!

Brave the prefecture's many exciting ski slopes and soak up mineral-rich baths at Kusatsu Onsen away from the bustles of city life, before going on a foodventure to try out local delicacies such as Yakimanju (grilled bun with sweet miso paste filling on skewers) as well as Shimonita Konnyaku (a common ingredient in oden, a type of Japanese stew). 
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  • Kusatsu Onsen
    There's nowhere better to experience authentic Japanese onsen than this remote mountain resort. The aroma from the Yubatake hot water fields permeates the town as wooden chutes cool the geothermal water. Savour the famed local specialties like onsen manju (steamed sweet buns) and onsen tamago (eggs boiled in the hot springs)!

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  • Tanigawadake Ropeway
    As the ropeway ascends towards Mt. Tanigawa, you get enveloped in spectacular views of the surrounding mountain range. The midpoint Tenjindaira stop is favoured by snowsport enthusiasts for its powder-packed slopes in the winter; doubling as a haven for backcountry hiking and climbing during the warmer months. 

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  • Himokawa Udon
    A hallmark dish in Kiryu, Himokawa udon is recognizable by its exceptional thin and wide shape (up to 10cm)! Popular for its peculiarly smooth texture, best served with sauces or in soup, and great eaten either hot or cold.

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