Okinawa Prefecture

As Japan's southernmost prefecture, Okinawa stands out with its distinctly subtropical climate and laid-back island culture. Marine diversity abounds the magnificent beaches and coastlines here, echoing the importance of reef conservation.

Make your way to Onna (dubbed “Coral Village”) to join the locals on a meaningful dive to restore coral reefs. For a taste of history, visit the Shuri Castle to learn more about the independent Ryukyu Kingdom before the islands became Okinawa Prefecture.
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  • Okinawa's Coral Reefs
    Sustainable tourism is central to Okinawa's efforts in conserving the natural environment. Join the locals in planting cultivated corals into the ocean for a meaningful experience to take pride in, all the while exploring the remarkable wonders of a flourishing marine world!

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  • Shuri Castle
    This stunning red-tiled castle and the rich history of the once-flourishing kingdom that it represents, is what made it rightfully designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Though the castle had been destroyed multiple times, including most recently in 2019, the legacy of the long-lost Ryukyu Kingdom lives on even today among carefully-restored gates and halls.

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  • Jimami-dofu (Peanut Tofu)
    An Okinawan specialty product made from combining peanut milk with sweet potato starch. The result is a delectable pudding-like dessert that goes perfectly well with sweetened soy sauce. You have to taste it to believe it!

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