Aomori Prefecture

Take the road less traveled to Aomori and discover its hidden gems of unspoiled nature, World Heritage sites, and seafood delicacies fresh from the sea! 

Festival events such as Aomori Nebuta Matsuri and Hirosaki Neputa are the beating pulse of Aomori culture, attracting millions of festival revelers every year. While here, you must absolutely pay a visit to the iconic Hirosaki Castle, trek through the serene Oirase Stream, as well as sample the prefecture's signature black garlic and apples.
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    Considered as one of Japan's most iconic castles, Hirosaki Castle is revered for being the only castle built during the Edo Period. As the centre of Hirosaki culture and history, the castle hosts important springtime cultural events such as the Snow Lantern Festival and Hirosaki Neputa Festival. Find out how you can plan a trip to Hirosaki Castle to experience the festivals for yourself! 

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  • The Aomori Nebuta Festival
    The sight of giant papier-mache dolls lighting up the night at the Aomori Nebuta Festival is one you must see to believe! Five-metre tall floats are meticulously made in the likeness of mythical figures, gods, and spirits by teams of local people just for the celebrations. Learn more about this world-famous parade and how you can join in the fun too! 

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  • AOMORI Apples
    Home to most of Japan's apple production, Aomori apples deliver the perfect balance of flavour and firm texture for a super satisfying bite. Visit Aomori to sample a variety of delectable apple-based desserts, including a pie with a whole apple inside!

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