Fukushima Prefecture

Fukushima has all of Japan's best offerings in one place, from hot springs, powder-perfect ski slopes, and cherry blossoms to specialty cuisines and fruits!

Explore the electrifying slopes of Mt. Bandai, mineral-rich lakes of Goshikinuma, and unwind at a nearby onsen after a long day of activities. 
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  • Goshikinuma
    The volcanic eruption of Mt. Bandai gave life to the 30 marshes and lakes here, each with a distinctive colour as a result of different pH levels and mineral content. The biggest lake is Bishamon-numa, where you can rent a rowboat and admire beautiful carp up close.

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  • Ouchi-juku
    Get instantly transported back in time at this traditional Edo townscape, famed for its well-preserved 300-year old buildings and handmade soba noodles. Learn more about the Edo period lifestyle at the Ouchi-juku Townscape Exhibition Hall where authentic artifacts and tools are displayed.
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  • Peaches in Fukushima
    Reputed as Japan's "fruit paradise", Fukushima is home to the sweetest peaches in the world; characterized by their rosy exteriors, pure white flesh and fantastic sweetness. Be sure to experience peach-picking at any of the fruit farms along Prefectural Route 5, also known as the 'Fruit Line'!

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