Toyama Prefecture

As part of Japan's "snow country" (areas that receive heavy snowfall), winter is undoubtedly the best season to explore Toyama. 

Timeless thatched-roof houses at World Heritage Gokayama creates an unforgettable scene of rural Japan while the famed Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route paints an extraordinary picture of the prefecture's winter beauty. 
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  • Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
    Journey through the heart of Japan's Northern Alps on this spectacular route surrounded by towering snow walls. Murodo is situated at the halfway point of the route, where you can find Japan's highest hotel and transit station as well as the stunning volcanic lake, Mikurigaike!

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  • Gokayama
    Retreat into the quiet charm of Gokayama's rural old villages, where preserved gassho-zukuri buildings present a nostalgic glimpse of Old Japan. The harmony of nature and culture seals its place as a UNESCO site in the country.

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  • Buri Shabu- Shabu
    Buri, or Yellowtail fish, is hailed as the "champion of Toyama Bay". One of the finest ways to enjoy the fatty, mouthwatering sweetness of the fish is by cooking it in a hotpot - a comforting treat for the cold winter when they happen to be at their plumpest!

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