Saitama Prefecture

Preserved small towns like Koedo Kawagoe and pristine nature such as the mountainous Chichibu creates Saitama Prefecture's unique blend of outdoor and historical attractions. 

Step back to the Edo Period amidst old-fashioned buildings, retreat into nature with an easy hike, and munch on the famous Soka Senbei rice crackers between your adventures
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  • Koedo Kawagoe
    With a name that translates to "Little Edo", Koedo Kawagoe is a treasured time capsule for the Edo Period circa 1603 to 1867. The rich history of the small town is neatly reflected across wooden warehouses and traditional candy shops that line the streets. Find yourself slipping back to the olden days when you visit!

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  • Chichibu
    Boasting beautiful forested valleys and terrains, it's no surprise Chichibu is a go-to getaway spot for Tokyo-dwellers. In the spring, visitors get to delight in the sight of bright pink moss fields at Hitsujiyama Park; while Nakatsu Valley offers incredible autumn foliages.

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  • Soka Senbei Rice Crackers
    Originating from Soka city back during the Edo Period, Soka Senbei is a popular rice cracker snack beloved by the locals. Sample a variety of flavours such as soy sauce, curry and yuzu - a definite must-try when visiting the city!

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