Kumamoto Prefecture

Home to many traditional onsen towns, famous local foods and breathtaking landmarks, Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu makes for a dreamy getaway. After a brief lapse due to the 2016 earthquake, the prefecture is back to buzzing with tourist activity all around! 

Whether it's discovering the volcanic villages of Aso, visiting the majestic Kumamoto Castle, or trying your hand at the local bamboo crafts, Kumamoto is sure to inspire with its resilience and beauty.
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  • Aso
    Surrounded by volcanic calderas, Aso offers thrilling outdoor adventures and unbeatable views for visitors who dare enter Kumamoto's "Land of Fire"! Read more on where you can enjoy scenic drives and hot spring baths in Aso.

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  • Kumamoto Castle
    Known as the symbol of the city, Kumamoto Castle represents the strength of its people in triumphing over adversity. Learn more about the imposing castle's resilient 500-year history and how it survived damage from war and natural disasters. 

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  • Aka Beef
    Luxurious yet affordable, the Aka Wagyu Beef is a must-try in Kumamoto. Find out what makes the Aka Beef Bowl such a specialty favourite!

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