Kochi Prefecture

Facing the Pacific Ocean along the southwest coast of Japan’s island of Shikoku, Kochi Prefecture charms visitors all year round with its rugged coastlines, soothing rivers, and local markets.

Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in exploring the Shimanto River, be it through cycling, trekking or camping along the long river; while stopping by local villages for a chat or a bite. Bonito is Kochi's favourite fish, so do try it prepared in the local favourite tataki-style (lightly seared on the outside and raw on the inside). 
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  • Shimanto River
    As the longest river in Shikoku, Shimanto River stretches 196km in length through the natural landscape before connecting with the Pacific Ocean. The pristine environment allows for plenty of outdoor fun, such as rafting or canoeing, cycling through the villages to chat up locals and sample the local fare, as well as camping. 

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  • Kochi Castle
    Perched elegantly atop a hill, the castle impresses sightseers with its remarkable architecture and fantastic views. Once serving as the centre for the ruling class as well as the residence of feudal lords, it has become a top cherry blossom viewing spot in Kochi today.

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  • Kochi Bonito
    Kochi is said to be the biggest bonito (katsuo) consumer in all of Japan! The locals' favourite way of enjoying the flavourful fish is tataki-style where it is briefly seared and left raw on the inside, resulting in an alluring deep red appearance.

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