Ehime Prefecture

Mican is an adorable fusion of Ehime's specialty mikan mandarin orange and a dog, as the shape of the prefecture is said to resemble a running dog. Even Mican's name is a combination of "mikan" with "kyan" - the sound of a dog bark in Japanese!

There's much to experience in Ehime: Get spirited away to the oldest hot spring in Japan, Dogo Onsen, which inspired the bathhouse in the Hayao Miyazaki film; and take a few days' trip along the Shimanami Kaido route to cycle through picturesque views and try unique foods from island to island.
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  • Shimanami Kaido
    Discover architectural feats and unforgettable experiences while traversing along this 70km route by bicycle or car. It is recommended to stay at the many small inns and hotels dotting the islands to rub shoulders with the locals and try out different island delicacies, such as Hakata salt ramen, eel, and various quirky ice cream flavours ranging from salt to rose.

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  • Dogo Onsen
    Aside from its distinction as the oldest spa in Japan, Dogo Onsen most famously served as the inspiration behind the bathhouse in Studio Ghibli's "Spirited Away" film. Instantly recognizable by its familiar three-storeyed wooden exterior, the bathhouse offers fantastic relaxing baths that leave you feeling refreshed.

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  • Ehime Mikan
    Bursting with sweet and sour flavours, the Ehime Mikan oranges are delightful to eat especially in the summer. Over 40 varieties are grown in the prefecture, who leads the country's citrus production. Try the famous mikan oranges in different dessert formats such as fresh juices, ice cream, and jelly treats!

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