Miyazaki Prefecture

A wonderland for both culture buffs to dive deeper into the world of Japanese mythology, as well as nature aficionados looking to explore gorgeous coastlines and painting-like vistas!

Takachiho Gorge is a prefectural highlight, where visitors can ride gently along the gorge to view the breathtaking Manai Falls up close. Travel back in time to the former samurai district Obihan, before sampling the ultimate Miyazaki comfort food, Chicken Nanban.
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  • Takachiho
    Abundant nature and ties to Shinto mythology make up the paradise that is Takachiho. Discover the picture-perfect Takachiho Gorge by taking a rowboat through the canyon, as well as witness the legend-fuelled night dance performances called the Yokagura.

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  • Obihan
    Once a prosperous samurai district, Obihan is an expansive castle town with a legendary castle, well-manicured gardens and samurai residences dotting the surrounding streets. Relive the town's prime by staying at one of the samurai residences offering visitor accommodation.

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  • Miyazaki Chicken Nanban
    Miyazakians' favourite local soul food, Chicken Nanban is a fusion take on the classic Chicken Karaage. Deep-fried chicken is marinated in vinegar and served with semi-sweet tartar sauce to create a light yet flavoursome taste. Can be enjoyed as a snack or part of a meal!

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