Okayama Prefecture

Aptly nicknamed the land of sunshine and Momotaro ("Peach Boy"), Okayama is a wonderland for history buffs and nature enthusiasts. 

Soak up the natural beauty of Korakuen Garden, one of the three greatest landscape gardens in Japan, through the seasons; or take a day to admire the historical atmosphere at Kurashiki Bikan. Okayama white peaches are a source of local pride, so be sure to book a fruit-picking tour to savour its delicious sweetness!
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  • Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
    This historic district once served as the political and commercial hub of Kurashiki, evident in its unique blend of Japanese and western architectural styles. The Kurashiki River flows through the quarter, providing visitors a chance to traverse the willow-lined canal on a guided boat ride.

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  • Korakuen Garden
    Built around 300 years ago by the powerful Ikeda family, Korakuen's spacious grounds offer visitors plenty of unforgettable sights that change according to the seasons. While plum trees burst into pink and white in the spring, summer time is ideal for viewing beautifully carved bamboo lanterns.

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  • White Peaches in Okayama
    The striking white flesh and mellow sweetness of Okayama peaches earned them the nickname of the “best flavour in Japan". In the summer, fruit farms welcome visitors to pick their own peaches to enjoy on the spot, or to bring home as souvenirs. 

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