Osaka Prefecture

Exuberant and charming, Osaka is the prime destination for experiencing loads of fun, nightlife as well as modern pop culture in Japan! 

Eat your heart out at the lively Tenma and Ura Namba food streets, where you can spend entire evenings between izakayas serving up a variety of famous Osaka street food. Participate in the revelry of Tenjin Matsuri, one of the greatest summer festivals in Japan; and explore the vast Osaka castle grounds for a taste of its history. 
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  • Dotonbori & Shinsaibashi
    Dubbed the most vivacious area of Osaka, the mile-long distance between Shinsaibashi station to Dotonbori is one of the busiest streets in Japan; offering an endless variety of shopping, eating, and entertainment options everywhere you turn! Catch the best of Osaka fashion in Amerikamura, as youngsters show off their street style. 

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  • Osaka Castle
    The spacious castle grounds provide a great escape from the bustles of the city for both learn and play. Discover the castle's role in marking the start of a peaceful period in Japan's history, and join in the local revelry of springtime parties under pink cherry blossoms!

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  • Kushikatsu
    Dig into this classic Osaka specialty dish made of skewered meat, seafood, or vegetables! First battered with flour and breadcrumbs, the bite-sized morsels are then fried to golden-brown perfection. Best served with a dipping sauce and fermented cabbage on the side.

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