Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi is a true melting pot of attractions and culture, where hot spring resorts, festival cheer, and impossibly scenic sights welcome visitors from far and wide.

Soak up the therapeutic benefits of the local hot spring baths, celebrate with locals at one of the biggest Tanabata festivals, and spend a day relishing the beauty of Matsushima Bay!
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  • Sendai Tanabata Festival
    Celebrate love at one of Japan's biggest summer festivals in Sendai, when the city buzzes alive with elaborate bamboo decorations and spectacular stage performances! Stay for the fireworks display that is sure to wow you away.

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  • Okama Crater
    Nestled within Mt. Zao is the famous Okama Crater, a caldera lake best known for its resemblance to an "okama" cooking pot and ability to change into five colours. Hike to the top of the mountain for a breathtaking view of the caldera as well as the alpine plants along the way. 

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  • Gyutan (Beef Tongue)
    A favourite specialty from Sendai, Gyutan is charcoal-grilled beef tongue served on its own or over a hot bowl of rice. Seasonings vary depending on the restaurant, promising an adventure each time for this definite must-try delicacy in Miyagi!

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