Akita Prefecture

Home to scenic beauty and historical sites, Akita Prefecture is the perfect destination to connect with Japan's history and untouched nature all at once.

Journey into Japan's feudal past at the well-preserved samurai district in Kakunodate town, soak in the healing spring waters, and marvel at the traditional lacquer and woodcrafts passed down from samurais. 
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  • Nyuto Onsenkyo
    Soak in the seven stunning hot springs at this rustic village located within the Towada-Hachimantai National Park, with natural spring waters believed to cure ailments and soothe the soul. Stunning views aside, you can enjoy local staples such as the grated hot pot yam, as well as wild mountain vegetables.

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  • Kakunodate
    Known as "Little Kyoto", Kakunodate is a castle town known for its samurai history. Around 80 samurai families once lived in the area, leaving behind a myriad of well-preserved homes, gardens, and relics dating back to the 19th century. 

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  • Kiritanpo
    A popular rice snack consisting of half-smashed rice shaped into a cylinder and grilled over Akita cedar. Usually enjoyed in a steaming hot pot dish with other ingredients such as local Hinai chicken, mushrooms, and more!

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