Nara Prefecture

As the political and religious centre of ancient Japan, Nara Prefecture is home to some of the oldest shrines, temples, and roads in the country.

Spare a day to explore the massive Nara Park, where tame deers wander freely in the presence of human visitors; before stopping by the adjacent Todaiji Temple to see the largest bronze statue of Buddha up close! Treat your tastebuds as well with the delicate local specialty Kakinoha sushi (persimmon leaf cured sushi) and Miwa somen (thin flour noodles boiled in Miwa water). 
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  • Nara Park
    Cross paths with Nara's famous deers while visiting some of the prefecture's most majestic temples and shrines right here at the expansive Nara Park! We recommend dropping by The Great Buddha Hall in Todaiji to see the world's largest bronze Buddha statue in person and interact (carefully) with the docile roaming deers along the way. 

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  • Kasuga Taisha Shrine
    Considered the grandest shrine in Nara, Kasuga Taisha was built in 768 by the mighty Fujiwara clan to honour four gods instead of the usual two commons at the time. Featuring the iconic Kasuga-zukuri architectural style, the bright vermilion paint, white walls, and the cypress wood roofs make it a picture-perfect spot for passionate photographers and nature lovers alike.

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  • Kakinoha Sushi
    A traditional sushi native to Nara prefecture, Kakinoha is a type of sushi with cured fish (usually salmon or mackerel) wrapped in persimmon ("kaki") leaves for preservation. The aroma of the leaf fuses perfectly with the delicate flavour of the fish, making it a must-try specialty in Nara!

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