Niigata Prefecture

Located along the coast of the Sea of Japan, Niigata is known for producing some of the finest quality snow, rice and sake in the world! 

A ubiquitous attraction in the prefecture is Hoshitoge's ethereal terraced rice paddies, which evolves with the four seasons; while the rustic Sado Island offers a quiet island retreat to experience Japanese nature and culture at their best. 
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  • Kiyotsu Gorge(Tokamachi)
    With a keen resemblance to giant pencils reaching towards the sky, Kiyotsu Gorge is the breathtaking result of past volcanic eruptions in the region. Walk along the 750-meter Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel for an up-close view of the beautiful gorge right at the end.

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  • Hoshitoge Terraced Rice Fields
    Among the 200 rice fields spread over the Tokamachi mountainside in southern Niigata, Hoshitoge stands out for its picture-perfect scenery which varies not only according to season, but also the time of day! Dreamy mist come dawn, to golden rays reflected on the calm water surfaces at sundown; the views here will keep visitors coming back for more.

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  • Hegisoba
    Inspired by the rich textile culture of the Uonuma area, Hegi Soba are noodles made using the same textile production method of adding ground funori seaweed. This method gives Hegi Soba a more bouncy texture compared to regular soba! Pair this local specialty with karashi (Japanese spicy mustard) to taste it at its most authentic!

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