Tottori Prefecture

Sand dunes, sacred mountains, and beautiful coastlines underlie the untouched nature of Tottori prefecture, where traditional crafts like handmade papers and Yumihama textiles are still practiced today. 

Set a trip to the famous Mt. Daisen for a great time on the slopes, soak in the rejuvenating benefits of local onsen baths as well as taste famous specialities such as the "Twentieth-Century Pear" and Tofu Chikuwa. 
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  • Tottori Sand Dunes
    The unique and somewhat out-of-place desert-like appearance of the sand dunes here draws in curious travelers to explore the vast expanses by foot, camel rides, and more. Thrillseekers will delight in experiencing the sand dunes in more unconventional ways - like paragliding and sandboarding.

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  • Mt. Daisen
    Standing at an astounding 1,729 meters, the sacred Mt. Daisen is a top destination for outdoor adventures. A selection of hiking trails with varying difficulty levels will challenge hikers of all levels, whereas the mountain's quality snow makes it a fantastic winter wonderland. 

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  • Tofu Chikuwa
    Made with steaming a mixture of Momen tofu and ground white fish meat, Tofu Chikuwa is a mild-flavoured dish beloved by locals. Best served with a ginger soy sauce dip, and even good when eaten on its own.

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