Saga Prefecture

The prefecture's resident mascot is a chubby samurai named Tsubozamurai, standing inside an Arita Porcelain pot! His design pays homage to Saga's rich samurai heritage as well as pottery traditions.

Saga traces back the roots of Japanese civilization and culture with historical attractions, namely Yoshinogari Historical Park, the biggest Yayoi period archaeological site in Japan; as well as the historic pottery towns of Karatsu, Arita, and Imari, the birthplace of Japanese ceramics.
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  • Yoshinogari Historical Park
    Take a rare glimpse into the prehistoric culture of Japan at the largest Yayoi period archaeological site! Other than displays of excavated Yayoi clothing, tools, and more, the park also features carefully-reconstructed buildings and tombs made to resemble a Yayoi settlement between 300 B.C. and A.D. 300.

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  • Karatsu Kunchi Festival
    This larger-than-life autumn festival is held over 3 days to celebrate the year's great harvests. The parade involves massive floats (hikiyama) resembling mythical creatures like dragons and cultural items like samurai helmets, being pulled from Karatsu Shrine to Nishino Beach.

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  • Ika-no-Ikizukuri(Live Squid Sashimi) in Saga
    Yobuko is famous for squid harvesting and specialty cuisine, including live squid sashimi! The flesh is peculiarly crunchy and transparent, with a sweet taste that instantly melts in the mouth. 

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