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Immerse In The Four Seasons of Japan

The four seasons of Japan bring about very distinct experiences. Even the same destination can feel different depending on the time of year!

In spring, admire beautiful sakura flowers in full bloom. Come summertime, enjoy a paddleboat cruise down the clear rivers for an adventure to remember. While autumn is the perfect season for slow strolls alongside stunning red foliages, winter promises amazing snowscapes for skiing and sightseeing!

Discover the most happening seasonal activities to make the most out of your trip now.

For The Highly Tasteful Traveler

Have an eye for the finer pleasures in life? Then these bespoke experiences are tailor made just for you.

Sample top-grade wagyu and authentic sushi made with premium ingredients by award-winning chefs for the full gastronomic delight. Lounge within the luxurious trains suite as you travel in style across the countryside, before winding down in the comfort of Japan's five-star hospitality

Curate your special journey to Japan to your very own taste with these choice recommendations.

For The Passionate Adventurers

In Japan, there’s always something for everyone - from cuisine and art to cities and the great outdoors. Experience Japan your way with an itinerary that matches your interests!

Whether it’s spending the night at a temple, taking a boat ride along a beautiful gorge, or eating your way through Osaka on a private tour, Japan is a haven for passionate adventurers seeking highly personalised experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

Plan your own perfect Japan adventure that brings all your passions to life!

For The Culture Hunters

Home to 8 unique regions, Japan serves up diverse flavours of culture, climate, cuisine and more all year round!

Taste the traditional Kyogashi Sweets of Kyoto, attend the Nebuta Matsuri festival in Aomori or trek through the wonderful Yakushima forest in Kagoshima. Every region in Japan opens up a new exciting world of traditions and lifestyles; no two trips to the country will feel the same!

Discover the regional cultures of Japan with this list of local attractions and specialities.